Dutch Bone

Alagon bench

Цена за размер 120x40x45 cm (WxDxH) - 783 / 140x40x45 cm (WxDxH) - 842 / 160x40x45 cm (WxDxH) - 901 / 180x40x45 cm (WxDxH) - 960



Sure, our bench Alagon was designed to go with table Alagon. But when we first took this bench home we found its design is strong enough to step out of the shadow to shine by itself. This bench with its pretty tree trunk edges and open strip between the walnut veneer planks is available in no less than four sizes. Just imagine how it will look with a nice sheepskin and some cushions…


Размер: 120x40x45 cm (WxDxH) 140x40x45 cm (WxDxH) 160x40x45 cm (WxDxH) 180x40x45 cm (WxDxH)

Материал: 40 mm walnut veneered MDF seat, PU-lacquered Ø 4,5-2,5 cm tapered mild steel legs, black powder coated

Марка: Dutch Bone


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