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Illusion combines the functional elements of light and a table. It hovers above the ground, challenging our perceptions of gravity and our ideas of two common pieces of furniture, offering elements of surprise and magic. Combined in one, the lamp and table become the focal point of any space, whilst providing a place for your cocktail drink or your keys. The glossy white version of Illusion directs a strong and clear light down from the shade, whilst the matt black version emits a light that is more sparse and diffused.

Illusion was inspired by the wonders of the Scandinavian natural landscape. In particular Kjæragbolten, a large rock hovering in the crevice of a mountain above Lysefjorden in Rogaland, Norway.


Материал: Aluminium and steel

Марка: Northernlighting

Цвят: White shiny or black matt


Подобни продукти

maine T-3416L T-3416LC

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Amp Pendant Lamp

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