While the elegant, tautly upholstered exterior sits on either a delicate wire frame, Leya’s interior is soft and inviting like a large cushion: in this way, Birgit Hoffmann and Christoph Kahleyss’s chair design is the result of combining opposites.

The Leya bench (available at 140cm, 160cm, 180cm, 200cm, 220cm or 240cm length) rests on a wire frame so lithe that the piece appears far lighter and smaller than it actually is. The Leya Bench is also available without backrest.

Design - Birgit Hoffmann und Christoph Kahleyss


Размер: Height: 85cm Widths: 140 cm/ 160 cm/ 180 cm/ 200 cm/ 220 cm/ 240 cm Depth: 57 cm Seat height: 47cm Armrest height: 53 cm

Марка: Freifrau


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