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“We thought about climbing plants entering your room in one spot, slowly growing across the ceilings and walls, and blossoming into flowers of light.” Ontwerpduo Light Forest is a lighting system adapted for ceilings and walls, designed by Tineke Beun-ders and Nathan Wierink of Ontwerpduo for &tradition. It crawls along walls, bends over beams, and folds across corners, bringing light into spaces that other lighting solutions could never reach. “Electric points never seem to be where you want them,” says Beunders. “With Light Forest you can have the light points exactly where you want them to shine.” Light Forest consists of a network branches made from extruded aluminium tubes — both strong and light — which are joined with 3D printed SLS plastic parts. The branches open up into spun copper lampshades that represent flowers. “The copper produces a beautiful light and colour, regardless of which kind of light bulb you use,” says Beunders. Light Forest is coated with a matte forest green laquer and can be con- figured in four different ways for installing in the ceiling. A separate wall mounting set can be purchased in case installation onto a wall is desired. The wall mounting set provides two different con-figurations for mounting on the wall. This makes Light Forest a highly versatile product, which can be adapted even to the most difficult of spaces. While Light Forest successfully addresses the functional problem of light distribution, the solution it offers is also an enchanting sculptural object in its own right. “Our main concern has been to design a beautiful solution,” says Beunders. Light Forest is poetic and functional at the same time, but its aesthetic is not fixed to a single option. Because of its adapt- ability, Light Forest can be configured into a sparse, geometric network or a wild assemblage of branches — and anything in between — depending on preference. -


Размер: OD1 - Configuration 1: W: 100cm/39.4in x D: 100cm/39.4in. Configuration 2: W: 125cm/49.2in x D: 120cm/47.2in. Configuration 3: W: 145cm/57.1in x D: 75cm/29.5in. Configuration 4: W: 100cm/39.4in x D: 75cm/29.5in. / OD2 - Configuration 1: H: 120cm/47.2in x

Материал: Lacquered copper, aluminium and ABS. / Lacquered copper, aluminium, ABS, 3 meter clear pvc cord with CE plug.

Марка: &Tradition

Цвят: Slightly textured matt forest green.


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Цена по запитване

Mobil 46 Wall

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