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Set the mood for style with Oslo Wood, a trendy floor lamp with a tripod base and multi-directional shade. The shade rotates around a gimbal fastened to the top of the tripod, giving it the potential to angle light in any direction. The cloth shade projects light upward, yet also diffuses it through the fabric to create a soft glow.

The designer recalls how Oslo Wood reminds him of urban light filtering through trees growing around the city centre. As the light is softened by the shade, it resembles the warm glow of city lights on a dark winter night, which have been diffused upward through tree branches to illuminate the sky. While Oslo Wood’s adjustable shade sets it apart from many other floor lamps, its streamlined, contemporary style aligns it with other leading lighting designs.


Материал: Colored chain link fabric and steel

Марка: Northernlighting

Цвят: Shade colour: Beige, black, green or light blue Body colour: Metallic, black, glossy black, gold or white


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