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In an ongoing attempt to unite the sublime with the absolutely necessary, Poul Kjærholm designed the PK80™ daybed. The result is one of Kjærholm’s most sophisticated and iconic designs with a striking beauty. The daybed is a clear illustration of Poul Kjærholm’s method of refining historical models and distilling them down to the essence and demonstrating his superior ability to balance construction and choice of materials. The inspiration for the daybed came from Bauhaus, which in turn, were inspired by ancient
Roman couches. PK80 is upholstered in leather and supported by a satin brushed stainless steel frame. The purchase of the PK80 for the galleries of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, in 2004, recognises the daybed’s natural place in furniture history

PK80™ is available in a limited range of leather upholstery. The daybed rests on a painted plywood bedplate. The frame is made of satin brushed stainless steel.

Years of warranty: 20 years.


Размер: Height: 30 cm Length: 190 cm Width: 80 cm

Марка: Republic Of Fritz Hansen

Цвят: The leather for upholstery includes: Classic, Rustic, Natural, White, Optical white, Elegance and Sense.


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